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Knutson Consulting December EQ Minute 2016

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Hello everyone!
These last few months have been full of milestones for me: 10-year wedding anniversary, 45th birthday, having my first article published in a national magazine called the Exchange, the premier of my one-woman show, Ain’t Never Met a Stranger in Denver, and getting my Rocky on for real in Philadelphia!  I’m also celebrating that 1000 people have now signed up to get this newsletter!!


So many exciting things to celebrate! I’m feeling incredibly grateful for all the support and encouragement I’ve received to make these dreams come true!

Speaking of encouragement to make your dreams come true, this month’s EQ minute asks, “Who is your hero?"
I think it’s an important question to ponder.  As you start to identify the qualities you see in people that inspire you, then you can also start to develop and nurture those qualities within yourself.  

Without a doubt, my hero is Ernest Shackleton.  He led three British expeditions to the Antarctic, and his most famous expedition, The Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition (1914–17), is one of the most amazing stories of leadership, comrodery, heroism, and sheer will power that you will ever read about. His story inspires me and I hope it will inspire you too! Here is a link to more information.
Thank you to all the amazing organizations that invited me to speak in the last few months:  Brighton Economic Development, Montessori Leadership Summit, Colorado Non Profit Association, Anythink Libraries, American Speech Language Hearing Association, Weld County, Colorado Weed Management Association, Environmental Protection Agency, and
Downtown Denver Partnerships.
I hope you enjoy this month’s EQ Minute and I hope you GET YOUR ROCKY ON!

XO Kari
PS, If you have missed any videos, check out my Youtube Channel



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January EQ Minute

What is your gift?

By Kari Knutson - January 28, 2016

This Month’s EQ Minute asks the question, “What’s your gift?”
Many times we think of our gifts and talents in terms of our job, our title, or what we do for work.  I am a good ___________ (fill in the blank). What if you didn’t have your profession to fall back on? What if you just had to think about yourself as a person?
You might say that you are “nice” and while I’m sure that is true, your gift is not that you are “nice” or that you are a “good person”.  Your gift is something deeper, something that is more descriptive, meaningful, and personal.
If you aren’t sure what you gift is, ask someone you trust.  I know it might sound a little like an ego trip, but ask with a genuine curiosity to gain some personal insight.  It might sound like this: “I’m working on noticing the things that I bring to my job/relationship/experience that are uniquely me. I’m struggling with how to articulate that and I’m looking for some feedback.  What kinds of things do you see in me as my gifts, talents, or attributes?”
People may surprise you with their responses, be open to hearing their perspective and know that it is so much easier to see others peoples gifts than it is to see our own.
Why work on figuring out what your gift is?
When you are aware of your gift you can be intentional in bringing it out.  Knowing your gift also helps you realize that you are not your job, you are a person doing a job.  Your self worth, value, and contributions go well beyond the boundaries of your job once you understand your gift as a person.
Confidence, clarity, gratification, and personal satisfaction all come from sharing who we really are, not as our jobs define us, but as we define ourselves.
No one can replicate the special attributes and gifts that you and you alone bring to any situation.  I encourage you to think about what your gift is and notice how it shows up in your life, in your work, with your family and friends, and in your community.
I hope you’ve had a great start to 2016!
Share your gift and…Get Your Rocky On! – Kari
PS If you don’t know what “Get Your Rocky On Means” check out the link to my YouTube channel on my website and click on my first EQ Minute “Motivation”.

Knutson Consulting December EQ Minute

Hello Everyone!

I’m so excited to share my second EQ Minute with you! This one is about stressful situations. I invite you to watch this EQ Minute and think about how stress plays into your work and personal life.  Many of us are quick to respond and react to stress, but what if we also reflected on it and used it to gain insight into ourselves? 

Story Time

Most Awkward Moment of 2015

In October I had a wonderful experience speaking to the Mile High Chapter Association of Legal Administrators (ALA).  In the audience, for the first time ever, there was another Kari Knutson! Although she spelled hers Carrie Knudsen, she pronounced it the same.  We met right before my talk and of course complimented each other on having such a fabulous name.  I never met another Carrie Knudsen before and neither had she, kind of like meeting a unicorn.  
To summarize: my talk was received with cheers, ALA people were amazing, the conference was going well, and then…dinner!

During dinner, ALA had a raffle where they were giving away fabulous prizes. I’m sitting there, enjoying my dinner, listening to the raffle prizes, and clapping for the winners when all of the sudden I hear that the next prize is two tickets to see Janet Jackson in concert! Then I hear the unbelievable… “the winner is Kari Knutson”!  I jump from my seat screaming out, “I won, I won!!”  

In the same split second that I stood up in front of a packed room of ALA professionals screaming, “I won”, I had the awful realization that, for the first time ever, I am not the only Kari Knutson in the room, neither do I belong to ALA, have my name in their raffle, or am the Carrie they are looking for. Every worse, I am NOT going to see Janet Jackson!  Of course the real Carrie Knudsen stood up to claim her prize and all I could manage to say as I sat my sorry self back down was, “I want half”.

 Proof that Carrie Knudsen exists! 

So excited to announce that my store is up and running on the website.  Thanks to the fabulous creations of Evan Sherlock and Teah Mazzoni you can get bookmarks, stickers, magnets, bracelets and necklaces! There are also 12 free downloads of different quotes that you can use as a screen saver on your computer!


Have a wonderful holiday season and I look forward to connecting with you in 2016! 

Get your Rocky On!

- Kari


Thank You Colorado Parks and Recreation

By Kari Knutson - December 10, 2015

Thank you Colorado Parks and Recreation Association for having me speak at your fabulous conference!  I loved talking Customer Service strategies with you! Your participation in the movie scenes was unprecedented and your sock/water bottle generosity was truly appreciated! 

EQ with Longmont and Boulder Victim Advocates

By Kari Knutson - November 25, 2015

Loved my snowy evening with the most energetic Friday night crowd ever! Thank you Longmont and Boulder Victim Advocates for such a great experience!