Knutson Consulting November EQ Minute

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my FIRST ever EQ Minute!!  Finally!
I’m thrilled to announce that my NEW website is up and running! We now have a way to be in contact! I look forward to sharing my “Monthly EQ Minute” with you as well as information about upcoming speaking engagements and workshops, and of course random stories and deep thoughts.
This month in my EQ Minute I’m talking about Motivation and giving a little background into the “shark vs. Rocky” idea that so many of you love.
I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to the following people for helping to make Knutson Consulting a reality!
Thanks so much to the amazing people at Denver Website Designs for making this possible! Emily and Alex you are super stars in my book! Thank you for finding a way to say “YES” to all my on-line ideas and bringing them to life.
Thanks to the talented Jon Billingsley for being my “video guy” extraordinaire! Jon you are a phenomenal man with a huge heart! Your confidence in my “I want to shoot some videos” idea made it all happen!
Thanks to Laura Hazen, Ashley Andrus, Kimberly Ogelthorpe, and Meredith Smith for ideas, inspiration, feedback and all around support!  Plus these ladies are wicked SMART, did I mention beautiful too?
Thanks to Evan Sherlock, design genius and maker of all things beautiful, creative and inspiring.  Evan is responsible for all the images in my presentations, as well as the MOTIVATION image, the JDY stickers and the beautiful magnets.  He also created free downloads for screen savers on phones and computers which you can find in the store section of my site.  He took my ideas and made them beautiful!
Thanks to Janette Barber for being a fabulous, rock star assistant.  Not only for taking stacks of sign up sheets and turning them into my first ever mailing list, but also for also calling me “boss lady”! I love it!
To ALL my friends and family and especially to the people who have come out to see me speak and responded with such love and support - THANK YOU!!
Here’s to the start of something fabulous!
Get your Rocky On!! - Kari