Coaching Services

altTagCoaching for Presentations

I offer coaching on how to make good presentations GREAT!  We will cover your content area, flow of the presentation, how you want to frame the information, use of storytelling, effective visuals, audience engagement, speaking confidently, and what makes for “good delivery”.

People who work with me want to:
Improve their presentation skills
Make their content more accessible, interesting, or dynamic
Maximize their power point presentations

Coaching on presentations is one of my favorite activities! I love seeing presentations go from good to GREAT! 

In these coaching sessions you will: learn how to play to your strengths, uncover stories and connect them with content, and engage with the material and the audience in an authentic way. 

Contact me for more information on setting up one-on-one individualized coaching to take your presentation to the next level!

Individual Coaching

Coaching packages for individuals are a great way to work on specific areas of growth. 

Each coaching session is personalized to match the goals of the client.  The aim of our coaching sessions is to get you to your desired outcome as quickly as possible.  Maximizing your potential, playing to your strengths, using insight, learning strategies, and practicing new skills sets are all ways to reach your goals.

Individual coaching can include:

•          Needs Assessment

•          Strategy Sessions

•          Resource Development

•          Goal Setting/Prioritizing

•          Develop/Design a Plan of Action

•          Implementation of Strategies

•          Assessing Progress

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and to see if individual coaching is right for you!

Testimonial from a coaching client:

"I saw Kari present at a conference and thought, “I need to learn from her!”  Her presentation style is engaging, funny, and insightful.  She's not only brilliant, but she also really knows how to connect with an audience and present information in a way that is meaningful and digestible. I knew I wanted my own presentations to be more like hers, but I wasn’t sure how to get them there on my own.  I approached her after the presentation and was so excited to find out that she coaches people in this very area!  I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her.  

Kari has such a unique and creative way of approaching presentation development and she was really effective in coaching me in this style, helping me take my existing trainings to the next level.  She helped me think through and be strategic about all parts of my presentations- from the content, to the flow of information, to making the visuals more thoughtful and engaging. 

Since working with Kari, I’m getting great feedback on the trainings and workshops I facilitate.  Using her insight and presentation style, I’m making more connections and getting more presentation requests than ever!

Now that I’ve worked with Kari and learned her theories around developing powerful presentations, I feel confident that I can keep applying these principles to new trainings that I create in the future. It really was a great professional investment for me.  

And on top of all of that, Kari is such a delight to work with!  She is so approachable and encouraging and has a great energy about her.  It’s so fun to work with someone who has so much knowledge and also has such a great sense of humor.  I really can’t thank her enough!

If you're wanting to learn how to be a better presenter and/or improve your existing presentations, I highly recommend working with Kari."

Cassie Drochelman
Outreach Advocate, The Family Tree