Conflict Resolution Training 



Happiness is not the absence of conflict; rather happiness is the ability to handle conflict in a positive way.  Conflict is a natural bi-product of engaging with other people in an authentic way.  Instead of being scared of conflict, employees can learn the skills that will help them see conflict for what it is – an opportunity to solve a problem.

Learning conflict resolution strategies can help your team:

• Accept differences

• Recognize mutual interests

• Improve listening skills

• Learn to disagree without animosity

• Recognize anger and other emotions

• Solve problems

Conflict is NOT bullying but for many of us it is hard to know what is meant when we hear the word "bullying" and how that differs from healthy "conflict."  This conflict resolution training program helps participants know the difference between bullying and conflict and teaches them the skills and resources to address both effectively, all of which are imperative to creating a positive and safe environment.

Kari typically offers her conflict resolution training program throughout the Denver Metro area, Northern Colorado, and even nationwide. Contact us through the form below to find out how we can assist your team to effectively handle conflict in the workplace.