Customer Service Training Program



Leading-edge organizations understand that superior customer service increases brand loyalty, organizational growth, and the likelihood of meeting financial objectives. While customers overall appreciate the time-saving efficiency of utilizing self-service tools to meet their basic needs, such as dynamic websites or kiosks,  The Northridge Group’s 2017 State of Customer Service Experience study shows consumers prefer direct, personal assistance for matters they deem important.

According to The Northridge Group’s research, establishing and building relationships by providing a more personal end-to-end customer experience is key to eliminating customer frustration and minimizing complaints:

“Companies often misunderstand the real goals of the customer service experience. Many believe that delighting the customer is the key to brand loyalty, but having a ‘wow’ factor is secondary to providing the customer with effortless support that creates a personalized and emotional connection.”

Effective customer service in any line of work comes from engaging with an organization's customers in an authentic way. Building relationships is at the heart of engagement.

In this training program participants learn effective engagement strategies for various types of customers.  We will cover how to:

  • Handle conflict
  • Improve communication
  • Use emotional intelligence to enhance relationships
  • Use our natural abilities and talents to serve customers

This is an engaging, fun presentation with practical ideas to take back and start using immediately.

Kari typically offers her customer service training program throughout the Denver Metro area, Northern Colorado, and even nationwide. Contact us through the form below to find out how Kari's program can help your organization establish a reputation for customer service excellence or to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.