Dealing With Difficult People Training Program



We’ve all been there—an interaction with a coworker, supervisor, or customer just isn’t going as smoothly as it could be. Sometimes it’s a one-time conversation; other situations evolve into a pattern of dysfunctional behaviors and communication that seems next to impossible to break out of.

The fundamental key to dealing with difficult people is gaining an understanding of why that person is acting they way they are and engaging with them using emotional intelligence to improve rapport and an appreciation of each others' gifts.

This practical, hands-on session addresses the dynamics that come into play when professional interactions are difficult. Participants will walk away with practical tips and strategies for improving communication, reducing conflict, and building stronger, more effective relationships.


  • Who ARE the difficult people?
  • 7 kinds of “difficult”
  • Conflict isn’t necessarily a bad thing
  • Conflict vs. bullying
  • Questionnaire: How you handle conflict
  • Changing the culture/redefining norms
  • Using emotional intelligence
  • Solving problems and building strong relationships


Kari typically offers her dealing with difficult people training program throughout the Denver Metro area, Northern Colorado, and even nationwide. Contact us through the form below to find out how we can assist your team to improve their workplace relationships.