What People Are Saying

"Kari was awesome.  One of the best speakers all year!"
"Great presentation and engaging and knowledgeable presenter."
"Dynamic Speaker! Encouraging and inspiring!"

“Kari was awesome.  One of the best speakers all year!”

"Very informative and inspirational"

"Great presenter and very enthusiastic!"

"Very engaging speaker - made the topic fun yet still informative.”


"Kari is knowledgeable & passionate! I loved the related examples & stories!"

"Useful information, inspires me to be a better person & teacher."

"It was fun and informative.  Opens your way of thinking and makes you want to be a better person." 

"It was very motivational!"  

"Good information delivered in a great speaking style." 

"The insights and examples were so genuine and engaging."

"This presentation was very relevant to my job and personal life.  I took a lot from it!"  

"This presentation really got me thinking...about everything!  It was great!


"Loved the bullying strategies and the difference between conflict & bullying"

"Thank you - terrific reminders of how it is our job to protect kids"

"Great information and very informative"

"Gave good ideas that I can use - thanks!"

“Speaker kept my attention - gained insight on how to identify bullying.”

“Learned aspects of bullying that I didn't know were bullying - great!” 

"Hadn't thought that bullying was a 'work place' problem but truly come to relate to some problems existing there.  Thank you for educating us."


"It was engaging and gave great examples of interaction with an unfamiliar culture."

"I loved learning about their lifestyle and the way they get their needs met in a world that revolves around sound."

"She provided clarification as well as eliminated generalities."

"I have a better understanding of the Deaf culture and their feelings toward hearing people."

"I never knew about the differences between the deaf and Deaf communities.

"She removed some of my assumptions, dispelled many myths, and gave me great tools to use."

"I now understand the importance of Deaf culture."

"It just enhanced by appreciation for the Deaf community."


Every summer the City of Westminster offers a summer camp that runs for approximately 12 weeks. We noticed our campers were having huge issues with bullying amongst one another. We enlisted Kari’s help with bullying. She came to our staff training to help staff understand the difference between bullying and conflict, how to stop bullying once it was identified, and how to help our campers feel that they are in a safe environment. 

Kari taught our staff how to run a successful “caring community” meeting which helps the kids to talk about sensitive issues in a safe environment. To this day, we continue to run these “caring community” meetings and our number of bullying-related issues has dropped significantly! 

Kari was wonderful at helping our staff identify and solve the problems we were having with bullying at our camp. 

Thank you Kari!!

Cindy McDonald and the City of Westminster Summer Camp Staff


Ms. Knutson is an outstanding educational trainer and speaker.  She has an extraordinary depth of knowledge and an even more extraordinary ability to convey information in a way that is interesting, engaging and comprehensive.  Our organization has invited her to speak on a variety of topics to different audiences and she earns high praise with each presentation.  At the end of each of her speaking engagements, I find myself marveling at how much information she has packed into each session, and at how the time seemed to fly by.  I highly recommend her.

Diana A. Goldberg
Executive Director